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Lipotropic Injections

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With Vitamin B12, you can enjoy increased energy, mental clarity, and an overall sense of vitality. Replenish your body with this essential nutrient and experience the difference it can make in your life.

Receive complimentary weekly B12 Injections upon joining our Semaglutide program. For additional information, please visit either our Semaglutide or Comprehensive Weight Management pages.

Why might I consider Skinny B12 injections?
Being overweight can have a significant effect on the way you feel about yourself, and it can limit the activities you engage in. In addition to the negative impact being overweight has on your self-esteem, carrying extra body weight can increase your risk of developing serious medical conditions, including:
— Diabetes
— Heart disease
— High blood pressure
— Osteoarthritis
— Respiratory problems such as sleep apnea
— Several types of cancer, including colon, uterus, and breast
— Stroke
Losing even a small amount of weight can help lower your risk of developing chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

How can a medical provider support weight loss efforts?
At The Klinic by KSW Medical Aesthetics, we care for your total health and well-being. Since excess body weight can impact your quality of life, we offer lipotropic injections when traditional diet and exercise has failed. Lipotropic injections may supplement weight loss by stimulating your metabolism, increase your energy levels, and enhance your body’s abilities to burn fat.

What are lipotropic injections, and how do they support weight loss?
Lipotropic injections, sometimes called fat-burning injections, a blend of B-complex vitamins, amino acids (to boost energy and metabolism), and ingredients such as inositol (a carbohydrate essential for fat metabolism), and the medication phentermine to curb appetite.

Leucine, one of the primary amino acid ingredients, preserves lean muscle mass, triggers a reduction in caloric intake, and can ultimately aid in weight reduction.
Patients tend to achieve the best results with lipotropic injections when added weekly to nutrition and exercise regimen.

The Klinic by KSW Medical Aesthetics team is here to help you achieve a healthier body weight. Call the office or request an appointment online today.

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